2. The life of 2 days

  The life of 2 days A day to live and a day to die, What purpose do you serve?  And where do you qualify? There is a journey to heaven, and a journey to hell, The choice came to us since the day man fell. Living life as a candle can make the change, But a crafty […]

1. The Dark Restaurant

  Introduction On the dusky day of September 5, 2017, being a memorable one for the tutors and trainers, My hubby and I wanted to hang out to spend a pleasant evening tasting the favourite south Indian cuisines available at Chennai. We planned to explore the nearby mall Express Avenue at Royapeth. As usual to kill time […]

30. Emphysema

  Emphysema Oxygen, the most essential need for all living beings and of course lungs are the vital organs that regulate the amount of oxygen provision. Emphysema is pathologically defined as an abnormal permanent enlargement of air spaces distal to the terminal bronchioles, accompanied by the destruction of alveolar walls and without obvious fibrosis. Etiology […]

29. GERD

  GERD Burping, acidity, retrosternal burning pain, food regurgitation and nausea are the commonest symptoms in a Foodie, one who hogs on street food and a spice lover. Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower oesophagal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the oesophagus and stomach. The etiology of this condition being […]

28. Liver

  Liver Liver, an organ with the most regenerative capacity, is named so, based on a mythological truth which will leave you awestruck. It is a myth about the Hero of ancient times Prometheus who stole fire by defying Greek god Zeus. As a consequence to this punishment, Prometheus was bound to a rock where […]

27. Teddy bear syndrome

  Teddy bear syndrome Teddy bears… the cute little cosy stuff toys must have surely been a part of our childhood, irrespective of how old we grow. Teddy bear syndrome is one such condition in recent research which has caught our attention. It is described as the psychological tendency of someone to not use a […]

26. Rapunzel syndrome

  Rapunzel syndrome “RAPUNZEL! RAPUNZEL!Let your hair down and let me climb” This simply drives us back to the fairy tale days of childhood when we believed it to be so true and yes it truly is…Rapunzel syndrome is an extremely rare intestinal condition in humans resulting from ingesting hair (trichophagia).The syndrome is named after the […]

25. The Prayer Sign

  The Prayer Sign Limited Joint mobility is seen in patients with DiabetesMellitus. Clinically, it is detected by performing the “prayer sign” by asking the patient to put his or her hands together in a praying position with the fingers fanned and to press together the palmar surfaces of the interphalangeal joints and the palms. […]

24. Hurry up and wait Syndrome

  Hurry up and wait Syndrome Have you heard of this before?? Hurry up then you got to read this…This isn’t an actual medical terminology but a psychological disturbance or rather a circumstantial disorder seen mostly in the business world. This discovery is based on a recent research which was done among the employees of […]