19. Cocoon


There is a condition called Abdominal cocoon in medicine. In this encasement of variable lengths of the bowel by a dense fibrocollagenous membrane gives an appearance of a cocoon. It can be due to peritonitis, CAPD, prolonged use of Propranolol, Lee been shunt for ascites. It’s diagnosed by barium meal where there will be a serpentine configuration of the dilated small bowel. The treatment generally will be Laparotomy.

Cocoon reminds me of a beautiful story where a small boy who tried to help a struggling butterfly coming out of cocoon by using scissors and cutting through it. In the end, a butterfly came out but it did come out but with a swollen body and all its life, it crawled through unable to fly.

Although with the good intention the man hindered the growth of the butterfly. The continuous effort from the butterfly to come out of its cocoon would force out the fluid stored in the body to convert it into the wings. What the man, in haste to help the butterfly,  did not understand was that the restricting cocoon and the struggle were the keys to the butterfly’s beautiful body and wings.

Many times God places us in some cocoon type situation to learn and to grow up. Many of us think it’s a hindrance and try to break free of God boundaries and in the end, instead of becoming a butterfly and fly high, we will end up crawling all our lives when we prematurely attempt to cut out through our cocoons. Today whatever may be your cocoon it could be a hostile or unfavourable working environment, family situation, neighbours, relatives or friends. God has placed you there for a reason. Not to break you or ground you but to make you fly out of it like a beautiful butterfly. A cocoon is not a permanent place it’s just a temporary place for your growth. Accept it and fly high. God bless you.

I Peter 5:6 “Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time”

Doctor’s diary page 19
Message by Dr.Mr&Mrs Wesley

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