1. Eagle Syndrome

Eagle Syndrome
A patient presented with many non-specific complaints of pain during swallowing, ringing in his ears, Sore throat and neck pain. Upon careful evaluation by the ENT surgeons, we have found out he has a condition called EAGLE syndrome. It occurs due to elongated styloid process. It was originally named after an ENT surgeon with the name Watt Weems Eagle. Eagle is a surname given to very impressive, Lordy or sort of a sharp-eyed person in ancient days. The Eagle is a fascinating Bird. It has many Unique qualities. As we step into this new year let’s ponder upon three unique qualities of Eagle which we can adopt from it

Eagle throws the Eaglet and catches them in order to train the eaglets to fly. Many times we may wonder whether are we in a free fall but ultimately God will come to our rescue and teach us to fly through the air currents.That’s what we read in Deut 32:11 “As an eagle that stirs up her nest, that flutters over her young, he spread abroad his wings, he took them, he bore them on his feathers.” Many times we may have seemed to be falling apart helpless God allows such situations to make us but not to break us. He allows Such things to make us soar through our worries pain and troubles and touch the Sky.

May God strengthen all of us and make us soar like an Eagle on this 2018. God Bless you all and Have a blessed 2018.
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Message by Dr.Mr&Mrs John Wesley

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