36. Chocolate Day

Chocolates! woah who doesn’t love them? from kids to elderly diabetics taste buds chocolate do stimulate the crave. There is a condition called as Chocolate cyst, which is the endometriosis of the ovary. These endometriomas are filled with a thick chocolate-type material, which is the reason they are known as “chocolate cysts”.

Today is Chocolate day as you can see people run around buy chocolate and giving it to the ones they love, or about to propose as a token of their love. Chocolates do have an antidepressant action which can elevate the mood temporarily. Excess chocolate has its own share of adverse effects starting from the enamel. Chocolate is loved by everyone because of its sweetness. Today so many exchanges chocolate to show their sweetness to others, to show how sweet the other person is.

Many people who seem to be outwardly sweet as chocolate are inwardly bitter and poisonous, Some may sound outwardly hostile but their inward nature will be Sweet. Some are selectively sweet towards few but spewing venom at others. Many relationships start sweet later you will find them turning into snake and mongoose. Today we can blindly trust one person who can be sweet to us always in spite of our situation, who remains sweet even if we can offer nothing in return to him, who takes care of us, who lifts us up when we fall He is our God. Word of God says “Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him -Psalms 34:8”

Happy Chocolate Day, God bless you.
Doctor’s diary page 35
Message by Dr.Mr&Mrs John Wesley

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