34. Rose Day


Love is a burning thing
And it makes a fiery ring.
Bound by wild desire
I fell into a ring of fire.

I fell into a burning ring of fire,
I went down, down, down and the flames went higher
And it burns, burns, burns,
The ring of fire, the ring of fire.

Those are the lines from a song called RING OF FIRE. In next few days, we are going to go through some articles regarding valentines day.
Dew in Rose petal appearance is what comes in my mind first when they said its Rose day during my second MBBS time, the entire dental campus was filled with excited people dedicating rose for their loved ones. Rose is such a special flower. Different colours of Rose signified different meaning, Yellow one for Friendship, White for purity/peace, Orange for desire/passion, Lavender for enchantment and ye ultimately Red for Love/Romance.

The world Rose we give to others will fade one day, Many a time people who dedicate rose in a hope of getting reciprocated got dumped after receiving it. Some exist merely in a relationship for few years then dump each other and go and it has become a trend these days. Which is a woeful scenario both in the spiritual and secular world. Word of God compares Jesus Christ to Rose of Sharon. Sharon is a valley in Israel which is full of Beautiful Roses. “I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys.” Songs Of Solomon 2:1

Why God compares himself to Rose of Sharon?
1)The Roses of Sharon are Red which signified that Jesus Christ shed his blood for us on the cross
2)The Roses of Sharon has a sweet smelling fragrance which signifies Jesus offered himself as a “sweet smelling savour unto the father” for the forgiveness of Sins of the world.
3)The Roses of Sharon simply grows by Gods grace and no one plants them. Likewise, Jesus Christ was planted on earth for us by God.
Are you alone and lonely today? Are you rejected and depressed? God is there for you! The Rose of Sharon is there for you no matter who is with you or who is not. Give your worries, pain and your sins to the Rose of Sharon on this Rose day. He will Change your life and make it whole. God bless you.

Doctors diary page 34
Message by Dr.Mr&Mrs Wesley


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