37. Teddy day


There is something called Teddy Bear sigh in which there is a direct relationship between a patient’s teddy bear size and the Dilaudid (Contains Hydromorphone an opioid medication used to relieve the pain) dose he or she demands.  The study is known as the TEDDY-BEAR trial, A teddy bear that is one foot tall correlates exactly with a Dilaudid demand of 1 mg IV every 4 hours as needed.

Teddy bears are infamous across the world as many men used to present to the women they want to propose or their fiancee. People find teddy to be cute, they love to cuddle the teddy.  The basic psychology behind teddy bear craze is not just the cuteness but the comfort it provides, and a presence we crave. Today we see many men and women running here and there to find someone to comfort, to find someone to get away from their loneliness.

We end up hurt sometimes in expecting comfort, the person whom we expect to comfort us may turn to the person who hurt us, the person whom we expect to remove our loneliness may turn into a person who hurt us. Only true comfort lies in the arms of the Lord Jesus Christ.

When he was taken up to heaven he sent the Holy Spirit to comfort us. We read in the word “And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Counsellor to be with you forever. John 14:16” Today no matter how much lonely you are, He will be with you, He will sustain you, guide you and make you great. He is the true comfort. Accept him in your life and see the miracles. God bless you.

Happy Teddy Day
Doctor’s diary page 37
Message by Dr.Mr&Mrs Wesley

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