5. The Trivial Wound

I would like to bring into the limelight and untold incident and a realistic happening, which took place in a renowned Multispeciality Hospital in the United Kingdom, where an Emergency Medicine Doctor (Intensivist) received a patient in catastrophe. The young lady had mutilated injuries all over her body not sparing any part unharmed. The only way to resuscitate her was to give a direct cardiac massage through the flail ribs. The Doctor had never been caught up in a grave situation like this before. He did his best by giving the cardiac massage, but the heart was numb cold and frangible and his final attempt failed. Though the patient was declared deceased, it left a guilt of helplessness on the mind of the Intensivist.

As he drew near the cleansing area for asepsis, he took out his gloves and noticed a trivial wound on his palmar aspect of little finger which supposedly could have happened during the direct cardiac massage through the broken ribs. As a medic, his primary aid was wound dressing with a mere antiseptic ointment, but that wasn’t the end of it. The Paramedical staffs gathered some information about the abandoned corpse, stating that they found some drugs in her pocket moreover she was on antiretroviral medications, which evidently affirmed that she had full blown HIV AIDS. The Doctor was appalled and terrified to know that he had to count on the days of his survival and loss of career.

This predicament led me to highlight few aspects of our present-day situation. We as believers of Christ have a very wrong perspective of being judgemental over others and asserting that we are living a holy life by not sinning the way our fellow beings do. That’s awry, Bible never claims a sin to be categorized the way we Christians do. According to scripture, A SIN IS A SIN, no matter how great or how trivial. The minor cuts and wounds in life can pave way for a great deadly disease like HIV, furthermore, a small sin like a lie, anger, and disobedience can pave way for Satan to drive us away from a life in Christ. The common sins which lead to a downfall of mankind including men of God are Pride, Lust of money, Luring after the flesh and Postmarital affairs and many more.

From the Scripture, a great King not only known for his wisdom but also encountered the presence of the Almighty had a good start in his Kingship but annihilated at the end, only because his enticement laid a foundation for his ruin. A careless text message by a substantial preacher led him in a lawsuit. Never consider your sins to be trivial cause they would be the precursors for the demon to play with, in your life. Remember, a minor wound, a mere decision, a careless text can be as destructive as being seduced in flesh.

If you think you are standing strong, be careful not to fall.

1 Corinthians 10:12

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