Letter 3: Avariciousness

  Giving and learning to give is one of the Biblical principles followed since ages. But whom to give, and how much to give is what we need to be censorious about. Highlighting some recent eventualities, I would like to share an event which I’ve witnessed. A worship leader insisted the crowd to pay offering […]

Letter 2: The Fame

                                           Next to Pride came Fame and Vogue, which has lusted the hearts of many Godly men and women. Bible quotes in Isaiah 14:13-14 about Lucifer’s desire of ascension and to conquer God’s throne in […]

Letter 1: The Pride

Presenting hereby an apparent letter from the Author’s desk, addressing the Worship leaders and Christians of the present time. Intending to expose the truth behind the blind bars of Faith and not quoting a critic on the personal aspects, I would like to bring into limelight the actual acts of Modern-day worship. I, being a […]