Letter 3: Avariciousness


Giving and learning to give is one of the Biblical principles followed since ages. But whom to give, and how much to give is what we need to be censorious about. Highlighting some recent eventualities, I would like to share an event which I’ve witnessed. A worship leader insisted the crowd to pay offering to himself (not to the Church pastor per say), competing to collect the church offering and store in his own pocket and demanded that it shouldn’t be limited to 10% but to be huge and unconditional. If not money offer jewels, if neither of them then share of your property and if none of them, then asserted to offer themselves as an Offering unto God, in the worse circumstances people are threatened to take Loans and offer it as a tithe.

It’s really miserable to expose the betrayals happening in our own congregations. Bible states in Hebrews 13:16 Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God. We ought to give but only to those in need, moreover to share what we owe, and not to become bankrupt by the continual act of lending. There are many people-pleasers in the World but only a numbered group are ready to please God. On the other hand, I have met few dedicated ministers of God who have ransomed their life for the sake of out-reaching the gospel and doing good to the needy. Bestowing is well-appreciated when you offer it to the right people and for the right cause. Some popular Worship leaders are aiming for higher blessings like a private Jet plane, but out of the Church pockets, insisting to tithe particularly for his private aircraft. Demanding women to offer everything including jewels to the extent of concealing this fact from their own spouse and furthermore threatening to pay way beyond 10% tithing forcefully, is a culminating practice which we see recently.

My humble request and a sincere acknowledgement to the readers is to cease endowing their money on Wealthy Preachers but to share with those who cannot repay you back. Give to those who are unaffordable for mere livelihood which we relish, only then we would be a part-takers in the Heavenly Blessing and become crucial vessels for God and not end up as an instrument for others usage. There are claims that you would incur a curse by not tithing, that not the truth. Scripture never mentions of any associated Curse rather Christ became a Curse for us and turned it all into a blessing for His true followers.


By Dr Mr & Mrs Wesley


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