Letter 7: Denouement

                  Denouement Enclosing with few take-home agendas Worship is for the Creator:  It is to please the Creator and not the creations, so keep that in mind and Worship to glorify God alone. Concrete your base on God’s word:   Do not rebuke the scriptures, which is the prime issue in many modern-day worships, they […]

Letter 5 : Hypnotism

Groupism and assemblage of like-minded people is a fundamental approach to every firm or organisation. It is paradoxical among Christian congregation. Not being sarcastic but this is one of the reasons for division among individual Church member. Corresponding to the time before Creation, God’s enemy Lucifer had planned likewise to aggregate a crowd of Angels […]

Letter 4: The Cabaret

Church, a place of worship, honour to the Living God where our heart finds peace and refuge, is where I longed to be after entering a new Campus during my training as a Physician. I enquired about a place of worship to my colleague and was taken aback by his response. He said that their […]