Food Actuators

An Actuator is a mechanical device for controlling a vehicle so is food the fuel for our living. If one could ponder over a motor vehicle and its mechanism, after turning on the engine it’s the ACCELERATOR and the BRAKE, in addition to this we have a REVERSE system installed for rectifications in our path. […]

60. Duck Syndrome

Duck syndrome The Duck syndrome has got nothing to with ducks, or any webbed birds. Duck syndrome referred as the Stanford duck syndrome or ugly duckling syndrome, is not formally recognized as a mental illness but refers to a phenomenon that has primarily been described in college students. A duck swims through the water in […]

59. Jacob’s Ladder

THE JACOB’S LADDER Jacob’s ladder is a plant. The parts that grow above the ground are used to make medicine. People use it to treat inflammation, fever and to promote sweating, it’s named after the epic Jacob’s ladder found in the Bible. Jacob was a cheater, liar and a thief who cheated his father and […]

58. Insomnia

Insomnia: Everyone, I bet would have been through this state at least once in their lifetime, which makes it simple even for a layman to notify about his condition. Insomnia disorder is characterized by chronic dissatisfaction with sleep quantity or quality may be difficulty in falling asleep or early awakening or irritability. It’s pathophysiology enlists hyperarousal, […]

Food Abstinence

Biblical dietary laws Eat whatever you like and drink whatever you want…. if this were a protocol, the morbidity and mortality rates would have spiked, lowering the efficiency of mankind and eventually bringing down life expectancy. Bible has a disciplinary lifestyle for Spiritual as well as Physical growth. In this section, we would be dealing […]

Question 1: Once Saved always Saved, is it true?

Answer: Yes and No Modern day Christians have enlisted few postulates in their Belief: Once saved, always saved. Deliberately committing a Crime without being penalized for the same. Future Sins are being atoned for, by Christ. Despite Idolatry, one can make it to eternal life in Heaven. Hell is meant only for Satan and his […]

Quest Corner – Gist

Skeptical about certain situations! Our predicament isn’t always optimal, we need references, analysis and ascertain the hidden mysteries in our Journey of life. You come up with queries and the Omniscient Creator shall be your solution.

57. Pleonexia

Pleonexia The term pleonexia means extreme greed for wealth or material possessions; avarice. We all have needs, we need clothing, shelter, food and comfort. God does provide our needs but when the need becomes wish and wish becomes lust, people start hurting themselves. Word of God says in 1Tim 6:10 “For the love of money […]

56. Elephant-o-potential

Elephant-o-potential A gentleman who noticed a herd of elephants in the farmlands reared by a mahout and seemed to be perplexed when he saw them bound to trees with feeble ropes. He questioned the mahout, out of curiosity, won’t they break these ropes and go around causing destruction? The owner of these elephants gave an […]