Cotard’s Delusion was named after the French neurologist Jules Cotard in 1880 who described it as “The Delirium of Negation” where sufferers typically deny the existence of a body part, a portion of their body or their own existence.
Cotard noted the first case of a woman described as Mademoiselle X, who denied the existence of her body and therefore the need to eat.She said she was damned to eternal damnation and therefore could not die a natural death before she died of starvation.

In Word of God in Revelation 3:1 says about Church in Sardis ” ‘I know your deeds, that you have a name that you are alive, but you are dead.” Many times and in many things we seem to be alive but yet we are dead. For many of us Our Love towards the Creator is dead, our earlier Love and affection towards our Spouse and children die, our finances could be in a dead end, our health could be declining and so does our interest. Ultimately all our life we live meaninglessly, just surviving aimlessly for the sake of living.

God is omnipotent to bring the dead back to life. He can revive the dead aspects in you, whether it be your relationship, your spirituality, your routine work and even your health. All that you once lost your interest in, will be full of life when you give it in God’s hand. Never let your hope fail, after every dark night, there is always a morning sunshine…

By Dr Mr and Mrs Wesley.

Post Author: Invincible Souls

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