49. Pinocchio effect

Pinocchio effect

“If you lie your nose will grow longer” this is a dialogue from a known fairy tale of our times…Pinnochio. We wouldn’t have ever imagined it happening in reality, but yet there is scientific evidence for the same. Though nose may not grow longer like the ‘liar boy’ but certain temperature changes are obvious in thermography scans. When we lie about our feelings, a brain element called the insula (or insular cortex) is activated.The insula is believed to control both emotion and body temperature (among other things, like consciousness and pH), and the researchers found a strong negative correlation between insula activity and temperature increase.
‎Everyone at least once in our lifetime would have lied, so did I. Some say an inconspicuous lie and some utter grievous falsity. College times would have been the most fun-filled, trolling days where you find playboys and hoaxers. But it’s transient and doesn’t yield any good. Once you lie it becomes a habit to escape every difficult situation with your mere falsehood. Such lies have destroyed family, marital relationships and have ruined lives. A genuinely honest person is wearisome to find in this world but if you turn to God’s ways you will have a conviction to repent and never commit that wrongdoing again.
‎Bible states in “Proverbs 12:22 The Lord detests lying lips, but he delights in those who tell the truth.” Satan is the Father of Lies if you continue to lie then analyse whom you belong to? Modern preachers claim that once you accept Christ every sin is washed away, and we need not repent thereafter and continue to sin, that’s so untrue. Even in the field of Medicine, we need a loading dose and a maintenance dose, so is our Salvation. Once we receive it, we have to maintain it so cease lying to higher authorities, don’t be infidels to your spouse, stop fooling people around you, cause what you sow that’s what you reap…But remember if you turn to Jesus with a repentant heart, He will mend your brokenness and rebuild the lost in your life.
‎God bless you abundantly.

Doctor’s diary

By Dr Mr and Mrs Wesley.


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