57. Pleonexia

Pleonexia The term pleonexia means extreme greed for wealth or material possessions; avarice. We all have needs, we need clothing, shelter, food and comfort. God does provide our needs but when the need becomes wish and wish becomes lust, people start hurting themselves. Word of God says in 1Tim 6:10 “For the love of money […]

56. Elephant-o-potential

Elephant-o-potential A gentleman who noticed a herd of elephants in the farmlands reared by a mahout and seemed to be perplexed when he saw them bound to trees with feeble ropes. He questioned the mahout, out of curiosity, won’t they break these ropes and go around causing destruction? The owner of these elephants gave an […]

55. Coloured Halos

Coloured Halos With this terminology, many may get intuitions of some optimistic thoughts to be quoted in this text, but it’s not about colours that make your life wonderful but colours that actually indicate some underlying pathological condition. Coloured Halos are seen when an individual stares at some light emitting object or a direct light […]