58. Insomnia


Everyone, I bet would have been through this state at least once in their lifetime, which makes it simple even for a layman to notify about his condition. Insomnia disorder is characterized by chronic dissatisfaction with sleep quantity or quality may be difficulty in falling asleep or early awakening or irritability. It’s pathophysiology enlists hyperarousal, increased somatic, cognitive, and cortical activation, it’s also linked to genes and neuronal molecules and surprisingly may be familial.

The main cause of insomnia in present day world is Stress, Worry, Loss of Beloved ones or health or even for wealth and many more. I too suffer the same, which provoked me to write on this. To be relieved from this, many turn over to songs, movies, leisure hobbies and some even to books. But how far does it help! For a night or two, and then people switch over to pills. Finally become irritable, frequent relationship quarrels and get distorted from reality, ending up into psychiatric illness.

The best solution is sharing the burden, overcoming the stress. This may not be easy at first but trust me it yields way better than anything. When you share your anxiety with God, He has a solution for it. This wonderful verse in Psalms 127:2 states that “It is useless for you to work so hard from early morning until late at night, anxiously working for food to eat; for God gives rest to his loved ones.” However you toil hard in life, remember that peace is all you need at the end of the day. Give all your burdens to God and hold on to Him, no matter what circumstances you face. Know that God is always in control. Have a great day. God bless you.

By Dr Mr and Mrs Wesley.

Post Author: Invincible Souls

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