Food Actuators

An Actuator is a mechanical device for controlling a vehicle so is food the fuel for our living. If one could ponder over a motor vehicle and its mechanism, after turning on the engine it’s the ACCELERATOR and the BRAKE, in addition to this we have a REVERSE system installed for rectifications in our path. With this similitude, we have compiled and collatedΒ the major article on Food.

ACCELERATOR: Health Boosters.
1. At Slow Pace: Relish the ones which are healthy. Habitual bites are essential for the Cardiac and Gastrointestinal system too. Specifications are – They are highly proteinaceous, low glycemic index and complex carbs which do not add more calories. This category enlists the following.

> Wheat Bread, Multigrain preparations, Lean Meat, Chicken breast, Salmon, Seafood, Dairy products. Nuts and dates.
> Refreshments include Whole Wheat Veg Sandwiches, Wheat Pasta and multigrain healthy Noodles.
> Red Wine, Fresh fruit juices(no added sugars), Milk

2. At Fast Pace: The Regular food which makes up most of your meal includes the list of your daily bread which fuels you up from the morning until daybreak. Specifications are – High in fibres, low in carbs and high in protein.
> Pulses, legumes, egg, veggies, fruits, red rice, brown rice, soybeans, mushrooms.
> Nibble a fresh green salad, yoghurt, raw veggies.
> Vegetable soups, low-fat milk, buttermilk, Green tea.

REVERSE GEAR: Seldom Bites.
One of the tempter set of food items that don’t aid much to health benefits but can be turned to on occasions. Specifications:- High Fat(mostly unsaturated fats), simple carbs, low or moderate on protein, low fibres.
> White Rice, white bread, processed and canned food, peanut butter.
> Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Chicken nuggets, Veg Rolls, Pizzas, cakes and muffins.
> Sweetened beverages, soft drinks, ice creams, carbonated drinks, Beer.

BRAKE: Health Hazards.
Topmost in the priority in terms of taste and mouthwatering savouries, but are proportionally associated with Chronic Disease Conditions. Some of them are more or less carcinogenic. Specifications:- High Carbs, Amines(Heterocyclic Amines), oxidative agents, Saturated fats or trans fats.
> Smoked meat or fish (Stomach cancer)
β€Ž> Deep barbequed meat(Bowel cancer)
β€Ž> Processed meat(colorectal cancer)
β€Ž> Bacon(prostate cancer)
β€Ž> Sausages(colorectal cancer)
> High-Sugars(Type 2 Diabetes mellitus )
> Cream, butter, pastries(Ischemic Heart Disease)
β€Ž> Pickles, salted fish(Hypertension)
> Hard Alcoholic Beverages(Liver Cirrhosis, Pancreatitis, Hallucinations, Stroke)

This may sound tough on the first go but it’s factual. We live not for food but we need food for our living. It’s significant to make this Living worthful by monitoring food intake. Our Body is God’s Temple and we are obliged for laying a strong foundation and building block over which our longevity is sustained.

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