62. Friend in Need

We all have friends, we want friends, we need friends. We are truly Blessed if we have friends who stand by our thick and thin. Sometimes we are backstabbed, gossiped, thrown out by none other than by the people we consider our best friends.

When Jesus was on earth his disciples were clinging to him throughout when he provided them everything, but when offered extra cash, one person betrayed him, when in trouble one denied him totally and the rest ran away.

Sometimes once people get rich and popular all the friendship of you with them may go waste, some friends may betray you for cheap gain, many may forsake you when you’re in trouble, some could go to an extent of denying you too.

There is one friend who won’t deny you no matter what, he is our Lord Jesus Christ. We read in the word John 15:15 He called us FRIENDS. Today no matter who is with you or who left you, everyone around you can change, their masks may fell off, they may no longer need you and throw you out but Jesus Christ is same yesterday, today and forever. Keep him as your best friend. He will never leave you nor forsake you. God Bless You.

Doctor’s diary page 62
By Dr.Mr&Mrs Wesley

Post Author: Invincible Souls

A group of Christian Medicos who are working on apprehending their Medical Doctrine into the coeval world through the Word of God. Proclaiming the Truth of Gospel and reaching the unreached is our only mission.

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