63. The Mission Impossible

We all know it’s Good Friday, Many meditate on the seven words Jesus spoke on the cross, one of them is it’s FINISHED.
This word was originally said in Greek tetelestai – to end, ie. complete, execute, conclude.

What is Finished?
Jesus Christ Came to earth for a mission he accomplished all of them on the Cross. He accomplished the mission impossible successfully. By making the impossible possible. Let’s see what are the missions and how he accomplished it

Throughout his ministry Jesus made various statements about what He came to do:

• Came to give us abundant life
John 10:10

• Came to give his life for others
Mark 10:45

• Came to lead us out of darkness
John 12:46

• Came to seek and save the lost
Luke 19:10

In the end, he could say, “Tetelestai!” “It is finished.”
What this means to us today:
Our debt to God is paid in full.
It’s already been paid for us.

God Bless you, Good Friday.
By Dr.Mr&Mrs Wesley
Doctor’s diary page 63

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