76. Bypass Surgery

Bypass surgery Bypass surgeries are one among the well-known surgeries done in the field of Cardiovascular Surgery where it redirects the normal blood flow through the obstructed arteries. Likewise, we all have taken a detour and have experienced travelling through a bypass road without any hazel. In our lives too, God may take us through […]

75. Mutual Funds

MUTUAL FUND This is a hot topic in the modern day, as you see people investing their earnings in the stock market in view of multiplying it many folds. At the end of the day all this capitalization, savings and wealth are not going to be ours the moment we close our eyes. It becomes […]

74. Good night

Good night Starting with the definition of sleep in scientific terms it is “ a naturally-occurring, reversible, periodic and recurring state in which consciousness and muscular activities are temporarily suspended or diminished, and responsiveness to outside stimuli is reduced”. The most precious time of the day is when we relax and are off to bed. All […]

73. Palinopsia

Palinopsia A word which the ophthalmologists are familiar with but cannot diagnose it spontaneously because ‘palin which means again and opsia which means seeing’ is briefly described as the persistent recurrence of a visual image after the stimulus has been removed. It denotes the picture that retains in our mind even when there is no […]

72. Pathological Gossip

Pathological Gossip Who doesn’t love gossip they say. Almost most people are into it at one point of time, But when Gossip becomes character slaying, tale bearing and damaging other relationships, others peace of mind then it is already in the pathological spectrum. Today social media like Facebook, WhatsApp is filled with Gossip. The Word […]

71. Lessons from Avicii

TWO LESSONS FROM AVICII “One day you’ll leave this world behind So live a life you will remember.” My father told me when I was just a child These are the nights that never die My father told me”… These are one of the inspirational and factual lyrics of a secular song that I had […]

70. Top Secret

Shhh! It’s all about the secret. It’s termed as Doctor-Patient confidentiality where the Doctor requests the patient to reveal secrets about health or other relevant social or familial issues which Patient’s parents or even spouse may be unaware of. It’s always said never to hide your secret from a treating Doctor and Lawyer who advocates […]