72. Pathological Gossip

Pathological Gossip

Who doesn’t love gossip they say. Almost most people are into it at one point of time, But when Gossip becomes character slaying, tale bearing and damaging other relationships, others peace of mind then it is already in the pathological spectrum. Today social media like Facebook, WhatsApp is filled with Gossip.

The Word of God, Our tongue has the power of life and death. The biggest gossipper ever is none other than the devil. That’s why the Bible calls him “Accuser of the brethren” in Rev 12:10. So leave gossiping, stop entertaining others gossiping to you too. Speak good things, speak life into your life and others life. God Bless You.

Whoever slanders his neighbour secretly I will destroy. Whoever has a haughty look and an arrogant heart I will not endure. -Psalms 101:5

Doctor’s diary page 72
By Dr.Mr&Mrs Wesley

Post Author: Invincible Souls

A group of Christian Medicos who are working on apprehending their Medical Doctrine into the coeval world through the Word of God. Proclaiming the Truth of Gospel and reaching the unreached is our only mission.

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