74. Good night

Good night

Starting with the definition of sleep in scientific terms it is “ a naturally-occurring, reversible, periodic and recurring state in which consciousness and muscular activities are temporarily suspended or diminished, and responsiveness to outside stimuli is reduced”. The most precious time of the day is when we relax and are off to bed. All of us by the end of a tiresome day like to rest their mind and body, but unfortunately, some exploit sleep by letting worries, stress and other thoughts ruin it.
Statistical data shows that the worldwide population is in debt of sleep, the least sleep cycle being in Japan and next to it comes India.
Here are some health benefits of sleep listed down which would encourage you to stick with a sound sleep:
1. Fosters Longevity.
2. Memory Enhancer.
3. Stressbuster.
4. Cardioprotector.
5. Anti-ageing.
Hazards of lack of sleep or ineffective sleep are as follows:
1. Imminent cause of Dementia.
2. Leads to Depression.
3. Lowers Libido significantly.
4. Early risk of Cardiac problems and stroke.
5. Poor efficiency at work.

The Word of God clearly states in the book of Psalms 127:2 ‘It is useless for you to work so hard from early morning until late at night, anxiously working for food to eat; for God gives rest to his loved ones.’ When we leave our anxiety and stress in God’s hand, only then we can have a real Good night sleep.

By Dr Mr and Mrs Wesley
Doctor’s diary page 74

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