76. Bypass Surgery

Bypass surgery

Bypass surgeries are one among the well-known surgeries done in the field of Cardiovascular Surgery where it redirects the normal blood flow through the obstructed arteries. Likewise, we all have taken a detour and have experienced travelling through a bypass road without any hazel.

In our lives too, God may take us through a bypass road making us ponder over the lone and tedious road, in our perspective. God has kept a detour for you only for a cause. Israelites who were led by God were implored to face the Red Sea. The reason being, that the shorter route would have let them encounter war and battle all along, thus reciprocating God’s plan.

When we are in turmoil standing at the dead end and questioning God for this route that He made you walk through, God says that this way will change your destiny and make a big difference in your life.

By Dr Mr and Mrs Wesley
Doctor’s diary page 76

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