84. The Bloody Sweat

The Bloody Sweat A 72 yr old man woke up from a sound sleep, distressed and heavy laden with fear as though he was up from a nightmare. Eventually, he found himself completely drenched in sweat but abnormally his undergarments were bloodstained. An orthotolidine test proved it was blood that was mixed with sweat. Hematohidrosis […]

83. Global Handwashing day

Global Handwashing day Hand wash is a fundamental part of cleanliness and hygiene which we all do in our routine life. Why is it so important to grab a place in the Days’ list worldwide? Cause of its great benefits and to create an awareness for the same. Enlisted here are few benefits of Global […]

82. V Sign

V Sign V sign in Medicine denotes V-shaped air collection seen in a condition called Pneumomediastinum where the Air gets collected in the Chest. V sign also donates Victory but sadly in Today’s world people are becoming VICTIMS instead of VICTORS. Recent trends in media encourage the victim mentality, where any random person can come […]

81. October Blood

October blood Today being 1st of October, remembered as National blood donors’ day, I would like to highlight some aspects of the human lifeline that’s BLOOD. Blood is the life giver and a life saver for us. We all would have learned the properties and components of human blood in our curriculum. Fundamental functions are: […]

80. Take Off

Take off Nice to write to you all after ages. Most of us would have had an air travel. Have you ever wondered how beautifully an aircraft takes off? For a flight, it always glides through the air and against the wind. The inventors of airplanes had to face much ridicule and criticisms, but they […]

79. The Rainbow

The Rainbow I’m penning down this message saddened by what is happening in Kerala. We were just a few inches away from the calamity as we went up there to celebrate our first anniversary. Floods, disasters happen in our life out of the blue, but sometimes it’s a physical, or in the form of a […]

78. Friend-zoned

Friend-zoned “Greater Love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” Says the Word of God. Moreover, when God came to earth he called us Friends. Friendship is a treasure, having real and true friends who will stick with us in our bright and dark times is the most […]

77. Happiness Happens Month

Secret Society of Happy People (SOHP), society encourages members to recognize their happy moments and think about all the happiness in their daily life. The Society declared August as Happiness Happens Month. The purpose of Happiness Happens Day and Month is to share happiness and encourage people to talk and think about happiness. Being Happy […]