82. V Sign

V Sign
V sign in Medicine denotes V-shaped air collection seen in a condition called Pneumomediastinum where the Air gets collected in the Chest. V sign also donates Victory but sadly in Today’s world people are becoming VICTIMS instead of VICTORS.
Recent trends in media encourage the victim mentality, where any random person can come and blame anyone they wish without any evidence and people totally unrelated to the event becomes judiciary of the event. People with a Victim mentality will never take responsibility for their own failures, They get frozen in their tracks.

God has called us to be a VICTOR and not VICTIM. Take responsibility for your own failures, stand up and face the truth and keep faith in God. Stop whining about what went wrong and focus on what can go right. He will lift you up and make you a VICTOR in every aspect of your life.

By Dr.Mr & Mrs Wesley
Doctor’s diary page # 82

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