93. Clergyman’s knee

93. Clergyman’s knee

Clergyman’s knee is a medical terminology for infrapatellar bursitis which is nothing but inflammation of bursa below the knee cap mainly experienced by prolonged kneeling postures. Modern research has proved that kneeling posture can alleviate lumbago or lower back pain, and hence kneeling chairs are introduced to rectify postural defect. In ancient days Clergy and many devotees prayed with knees bowed down as a reverence to the Creator.

Holy Bible says in Matthew 8:3 “A man with a skin disease came, kneeled before him, and said, “Lord, if you want, you can make me clean.” And indeed he received an instant miracle. You will never be put to shame if you kneel before God.Being of knees was a sign of Humbleness, Reverence and Prayers. If we opt this attitude towards our Creator we will never have to kneel before others. God Bless You.

By Dr Mr & Mrs Wesley
Doctor’s diary page # 93

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