95. Strong March


Pulwama attack, the most trending news we read about almost everyday since last month. Many have their own opinion and suggestions but has anyone fore-fronted with the idea of Fighting for the Nation risking their life of their own family just as the Army at the Line of Control does? At the end all that one desires is peace and harmony. Cause Vengeance ends up in sorrow and grief.

Bible narrates an event where Nehemiah, the governor and Ezra the priest, take a strong decision to rebuild the Israelite’s who returned from captivity by reading the book of Law. It was an eye opener for the people and as soon as they started hearing the Law of the Lord sorrow started filling their hearts, it’s a true conviction.

Lets compare that with our today’s scenario we are on the first day of March. Many might be excited and on the other go some may be perplexed about what awaits. Crucial decisions, financial crisis or relationship issues or a toll on one’s health, none can predict about the future. Thought of all these would only put us in jeopardy. Word of God says in “Nehemiah : 8 : 10 for this day is holy to our Lord: and let there be no grief in your hearts; for the joy of the Lord is your strong place.”

A country takes pride in its army, air-force and in navy but our strength and pride is on the Joy of The Lord. Let it fill our hearts on this Month. As we begin our March into this month of March. Have a Happy March and God Bless you.

By Dr Mr and Mrs Wesley
Doctor’s diary page # 95

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