96. Pitting Edema


The most common sign which a physician is bound to elicit on any patient to complete physical examination. Pitting edema signifies an underlying pathology associated to either cardiac, pulmonary, hepatic or renal pathology. It’s elicited by applying pressure over the skin against a bony prominence to see a notable pit after 15 seconds. Pit is never a good sign.
Likewise in our lives when things may seem to be on track and all goes on well, we may experience a pit in our life which may cease all our routine and put us in a state of Shock. Word of God says in the book of Genesis 39:2 that God promised Joseph as a ruler but rather than that great vision a pit awaited him where he was abandoned by his own brothers. Even for Daniel to become the owner of an Empire, he had to face the pit of Hungry lions. After being through a hardship one may think it’s THE DEAD END.
But the truth is, God plans to raise you to a higher level beyond your imagination and never be disappointed over the pits in life cause it’s God’s way of directing you to something bigger. Always remember that the greater the problems, the greater is God’s manifestation in your life. This is NOT THE DEAD END BUT A NEW BEGINNING TO THE END.
God bless you abundantly.

By Dr Mr and Mrs Wesley
Doctor’s diary page # 96

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