108. Pediatrics to Geriatrics

In Medical field two departments that handles extremes of age are Paediatrics which handles babies and Geriatrics which handles the elderly. If you notice carefully about both of them you will find a lot of similarities. Both seeks attention, both needs help with eating to washing. Both needs constant medical care. In the end the […]

107. Airport Malaria

AIRPORT MALARIA“Airport” malaria refers to malaria caused by infected mosquitoes that are transported rapidly by aircraft from a malaria-endemic country to a non-endemic country” Many a Times like the malarial parasites the negative things from our past can get deep rooted within us and corrupt our present and future. It can be an addiction, hurt, […]

106. Backstabbing Bacteria

BACKSTABBING BACTERIAScientists lately found a group bacterial cells that against their own colleagues.The selfish behaviour of these uncooperative bacteria could be exploited to treat antibiotic-resistant infections Backstabbing can be really Painful. Most people who backstab us are the ones we trust. It could be a friend, family member, a colleague. In Word of God we […]

105. The Toss

We play toss in most of the sports and games sometimes to be decisive of who calls for head or tail. Likewise in life we make many decisions some of them are based on impulses, our passion, some by mere temptations and sometimes in fluke. Wrong decisions can get us into deep trouble. One wrong […]