10. Open doors


It’s another day for all of us back home counting down days for the doors to open to resume things normal but what’s happening around just indicates we may need to prolong the lock down for more. It’s mentally disturbing as worry mounts in our head about what is going to happen in near future! finances, education, marriage, higher studies, sickness, children, family, Church!

In Apostle 16 we read when Paul and Silas were beaten down and their legs are died, they were put down in inner prison full of darkness, insect bites and their hopes would have lost by that time for sure! We in that scenario would have started screaming or crying out! but something different happened there they started praising God instead of Crying and all of a sudden earthquake came and their chains loosened and the doors were opened.

This is what we have to do today, in this worst phase all we need to do is keep praising and worshipping God, he will change things, the doors closed will open, things will get better, your life will get better, God will help you to resume all the things which are paused right now, you will pursue your dreams. God is with us. Don’t worry! God bless you

Message by Dr.Mr&Mrs Wesley

Post Author: Invincible Souls

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