I came across this touching video on the internet where I found a young boy affected with Down syndrome came running to the man who acted as Jesus Christ for “way to the cross” street play, he saw the soldiers hitting him and the perceived the pain, the little boy thought it was for real and came all the way to comfort him. Today across the world, on this Good Friday we all are locked up due to the pandemic, churches are closed and everything turned online, there is panic and chaos everywhere! Jesus Christ on the night before crucifixion went through the same pain and panic. He went on to his disciples and Then he said to them, “My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death. Stay here and keep watch with me.” Matthew 26:38. At the end an angel from heaven has to come down to comfort him. He underwent such an agony and pain for us on the cross that day so that today you and I can be comforted, he went through loneliness and pain so that you and I can never be alone, he faced the death so that we can have life, Today you may be alone or feeling lonely deep inside, you may be longing for someone to comfort us in the midst of all this, always remember Jesus Christ went through all the pain just for you, Let us Thank him for this glorious day he has given himself for you and me on the cross, because of this day we have a comforter, we have a hope. He came down to earth just for you and yes That’s what makes it a good Friday. God bless you

Message by Dr.Mr&Mrs Wesley http://www.doctorsdiary.net.in

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