Daily Dosage # 61

When there are many words, transgression and offense are unavoidable, But he who controls his lips and keeps thoughtful silence is wise.
Proverbs 10:19

We all have heard from great effluent speakers and many a times given our opinion. Right now there would be many to give opinions about the current scenario and there’s nothing wrong about it. But our words shouldn’t be out of anger, disgrace or hatred towards others. Always remember that the more you speak in a conversation, the more you spill words that entrap you. Use your words wisely, use it to praise God even in difficult times as these and you will see God working wonders at unexpected times. Have a pleasant night. God bless you abundantly.

Post Author: Invincible Souls

A group of Christian Medicos who are working on apprehending their Medical Doctrine into the coeval world through the Word of God. Proclaiming the Truth of Gospel and reaching the unreached is our only mission.

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