113. Headline Stress Disorder


Dr. Steven Stosny, a therapist coined the term “headline stress disorder” .“Being tuned in to the 24 hour news cycle may fuel a lot of negativity leading to anxiety, sadness and hopelessness,” says Dr. Jana Scrivani, a clinical psychologist. “Subjecting ourselves to an endless barrage of tragedies and trauma can foster a real sense of being out of control. So, how do you remain informed about current events while maintaining your mental health?”

Almost every news media creates nothing other than a wave of Corona Panic. The other day a self proclaimed expert was called to give his expert opinion, he created more panic by predicting “whole world will be locked down for 3 years”, Another mathematician predicted “half of the world population will die due to corona virus” News media conceals the info on people who got cured of corona virus, rather they keep broadcasting news about death and detrimental consequences. Our minds gets hooked to this pessimism which destroys the inner peace. 

There is nothing wrong in watching news, but don’t let it ruin your harmony. Many just get stressed by tuning to it 24/7, in addition to stress and anxiety due to lockdown which lead to a rise in domestic violence during lockdown. Psychiatrists and psychologists are hired across the country to help people tackle this situation.As long as we are practicing social distancing and following all precautionary methods there is absolutely no need to fear. Above all God is in Control, these days are very tough ones but be assured and be still and know that he is God. We are his Children, Whatever may be happening around but He is in control. We will have better days ahead, this is not the end. God bless you. 

Message by Dr.Mr&Mrs Wesley


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