Daily Dosage # 80

The seed that fell among the thorns is like others who hear the message. But then the worries of this life and the false promises of wealth crowd it out. They keep the message from producing fruit.
Matthew 13:22

The seed is nothing but the deeds we execute. Many a times it’s weighed down by worries, what others may think, what comments will I get and who will be criticizing. Worry, medically and scientifically has a negative impact on heath. So ultimately the more we stress up, the more negative turns we might come across, but the joy of Lord is our Strength and this should help build a new story. Have a great worry free night. God bless you

Post Author: Invincible Souls

A group of Christian Medicos who are working on apprehending their Medical Doctrine into the coeval world through the Word of God. Proclaiming the Truth of Gospel and reaching the unreached is our only mission.

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