Daily Dosage # 83

The smell of the offerings pleased the Lord . He said to himself, “I will never put a curse on the ground again because of human beings. I will not do it even though their hearts are always directed toward evil. Their thoughts are evil from the time they are young. I will never destroy all living things again, as I have just done.
Genesis 8:21

This mentioned verse is what God said immediately after the flood receded back in the days of Noah. He too was in a similar lockdown phase for a period of 40 days without any communication or any technology. Our lockdown has extended for nearly 3 months and no one has a clue when it’s gonna end. But amidst of this I see many creating a panic, this verse is just to remind them that our Creator will never fail His promise. If He said He won’t destroy humanity again, it means He surely won’t. But our duty is to do what pleases God and to walk righteously. Have a peaceful sleep. God bless you abundantly.

Post Author: Invincible Souls

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