This is a small gist of the initial research on one of the most dreaded virus, a cause for the present pandemic in this year 2020….the Novel coronavirus or COVID19.  

Fake Alert # 19

T-EA Life Saver Claim : Tea contains tannins and some essential components which acts as an immune booster against Coronavirus. Exposed : Tea is an eye opener for many in India, their day cannot possibly start without a cup of tea. If this claim were true, none of the people in India would gave ever […]

Fake Alert # 18

Blow Away the Virus Claim : A hair dryer can do wonders, it’s heat and strong airflow is considered to keep coronavirus at bay. Exposed : Seriously if this were true, none of the female would ever be victimized to the Pandemic. Coronavirus is resistant to heat and survive higher temperatures. So instead of spending […]

Fake Alert # 17

Motherly Isolation Claim: The most tough time for a mother of a newborn, who being infected with coronavirus decided to continue breastfeeding to the innocent soul. What a plight! Exposed: Any Emotional caption goes viral without any discrepancy. Sigh! This was an image of an infant who had to undergo a marrow transplant due to […]

Fake Alert # 16

Olympic Distancing Claim: Owing to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the Olympic symbol for 2020 has changed pertaining to the concept to social distancing. Exposed: Social distancing is needed but that can be done without commencing the Olympic game itself. The Symbol is photoshopped for rumours.

Fake Alert # 15

Kiss of death Claim: Two Italian Doctor couple, have their last kiss, saving other’s life, soon after they turn out to be positive for COVID19 and were isolated and died battling it’s complications. Exposed: These aren’t doctors, they are couple caught kissing at Spain airport before their flight departure and prior to stricter laws on […]

Fake Alert # 14

Brush your teeth to save your life Claim: This non fluoride toothpaste is a wonder discovered by dentists, that can combat Coronavirus by raising the acidity in oral cavity and kill the virus Exposed: No! It doesn’t. It’s just a marketing technique to sell the product launched amidst the pandemic. Remember that’s how the proverb […]

Fake Alert # 13

Oh! What a Foto! Claim: Hundred of people in Italy suffered a fate of death on streets as there were no Hospitals to admit and treat them. Exposed: That’s a false claim as the image belongs to Germany photographer who requested a mob to pose for his photography. That’s bizarre!

Fake Alert # 12

Dead back to life Claim: A Chinese doctor paved his last goodbye to his family and battled for life saving many amidst the pandemic. Exposed: This is the image of a Malaysian Doctor taken way back and he’s still alive…Thank God… some news are fake!