Fake Alert # 11

PASTOR got Corona Claim: Nigerian Pastor who went to China to destroy the virus was rushed to hospital. Exposed: This person wasn’t a pastor, he just carried a last name Pastor, moreover he never went to China. He was hospitalized due to some other cause.

Fake Alert # 9

SANITIZER BURNS! Claim: This image circulated on web stating that a female used alcohol based sanitizer and turned on the gas for cooking, unexpectedly burnt her hand. Exposed: It’s not a sanitizer burn, it’s a thermal injury caused due to hot water. Moreover sanitizer vaporises in no time, so by the time she turned on […]

Fake Alert # 8

Death at the Airport Claim : The image claimed to be from a flight that took off from Italy. People were actually suffocated to death as they contracted the COVID19 mid air. Exposed : It’s not a mid air virus but an Airport drill performed months back to intercept their modalities to cope up flight […]

Fake Alert # 7

Corona in my Beard! Claim: Corona can transmit through hairs on our body and can reside on hairy skin for longer periods. Exposed: There’s no truth behind this claim. Coronavirus doesn’t live in any lifeless items for longer. It traps mainly into mucus and human secretions. I don’t think the virus is biased to affect […]

Fake Alert # 6

Stay Home or Die Hard Claim: Russian President Vladimir Putin has released 800 lions and tigers across Russia to devour the violators of Curfew. Exposed: It’s a still picture of a film shoot in South Africa…And Russian President never gave any such orders. Just imagine how would they Cage back these wild beasts!

10. Open doors

LESSONS FROM CORONA # 10 THE OPEN DOORSIt’s another day for all of us back home counting down days for the doors to open to resume things normal but what’s happening around just indicates we may need to prolong the lock down for more. It’s mentally disturbing as worry mounts in our head about what […]

Fake Alert # 5

Claim: The one-eyed alien who gave the remedy for Coronavirus… Exposed: The person in the picture is neither a one-eyed alien of a monster from the animated movie MONSTER.INC . He’s a male child born with a rare anomaly called CYCLOPSIA in which the in-utero division of orbit doesn’t occur. Moreover these kids find it […]

Fake Alert # 4

Claim: Satan has been spotted casting a Spell on Vatican city and hence the COVID19 costed a heavy toll of human lives in Italy. Exposed: It’s a mere animation, crafted in a way to frighten people. And ofcourse Satan nor his evil spirits can be perceived with human eye. If it were so we would […]