Food Actuators

An Actuator is a mechanical device for controlling a vehicle so is food the fuel for our living. If one could ponder over a motor vehicle and its mechanism, after turning on the engine it’s the ACCELERATOR and the BRAKE, in addition to this we have a REVERSE system installed for rectifications in our path. […]

Food Abstinence

Biblical dietary laws Eat whatever you like and drink whatever you want…. if this were a protocol, the morbidity and mortality rates would have spiked, lowering the efficiency of mankind and eventually bringing down life expectancy. Bible has a disciplinary lifestyle for Spiritual as well as Physical growth. In this section, we would be dealing […]

Introductory Note

Gluttony A few months back I happened to meet a patient who is a known diabetic and came seeking medical advice over his ailment and for a dietary control. I suggested him to exclude certain foodstuff and opined a best diabetic diet plan. After a satisfactory consultation, he had perhaps been to a social meet […]