40. Lover’s Fracture

VALENTINES DAY SPECIAL LOVERS FRACTURE The name “lover’s fracture” is derived from the fact that a suitor may jump from great heights while trying to escape from the lover’s spouse. Not all love is true, many of today’s love these days are nothing but a misadventure.Today it’s Valentine’s Day whole world celebrates it. Let’s explore […]

39. Kiss day

VALENTINES DAY SPECIAL SERIES KISS DAY KISSING ULCER It is not an ulcer developed due to kissing but these are a pair of ulcers on opposite sides of a tubular structure. It can occur in duodenum and other places too. Likewise, we have kissing disease which is infectious mononucleosis. Kiss is a taboo topic to […]

38. Promise Day

VALENTINES DAY SPECIAL SERIES PROMISE DAY BRAIN SCAN WILL NOW REVEAL WHO KEEPS THEIR PROMISES WOW is it? People first make a promise decision (promise stage), then they anticipate whether the promise affects the interaction partner’s decision (anticipation stage) and are subsequently free to keep or break the promise (decision stage). the breach of the […]

37. Teddy day

VALENTINES DAY SPECIAL SERIES THE TEDDY DAY THE TEDDY BEAR TRIAL There is something called Teddy Bear sigh in which there is a direct relationship between a patient’s teddy bear size and the Dilaudid (Contains Hydromorphone an opioid medication used to relieve the pain) dose he or she demands.  The study is known as the […]

36. Chocolate Day

VALENTINES DAY SPECIAL SERIES CHOCOLATE CYST Chocolates! woah who doesn’t love them? from kids to elderly diabetics taste buds chocolate do stimulate the crave. There is a condition called as Chocolate cyst, which is the endometriosis of the ovary. These endometriomas are filled with a thick chocolate-type material, which is the reason they are known […]

35. Propose day

VALENTINES DAY SPECIAL SERIES #PROPOSE DAY #FEB 8 This is another special day for some people, as the name says its Propose day. Its a day where so Many take courage to walk towards the person they consider their other half and propose them. Sadly, Most of the proposals are not marriage oriented and rather […]

34. Rose Day

VALENTINES DAY SPECIAL SERIES #ROSE DAY #FEB 7 Love is a burning thing And it makes a fiery ring. Bound by wild desire I fell into a ring of fire. I fell into a burning ring of fire, I went down, down, down and the flames went higher And it burns, burns, burns, The ring […]