Lessons from Corona!

We learn from various aspects of Life, to the fact that even a mere inconspicuous organism can teach us Lessons to imply in our daily living…

Here are some Lessons this Coronavirus would like to teach you…

For all foodies across the globe, to your amazement, you would find some fascinating facts beyond what a search engine
                  Denouement Enclosing with few take-home agendas Worship is for the Creator:  It is to please the Creator and
Passion is what we do from our heart be it singing, dancing or penning you’re your thoughts. On the contrary,
Groupism and assemblage of like-minded people is a fundamental approach to every firm or organisation. It is paradoxical among Christian
Church, a place of worship, honour to the Living God where our heart finds peace and refuge, is where I
  Giving and learning to give is one of the Biblical principles followed since ages. But whom to give, and
Presenting hereby an apparent letter from the Author’s desk, addressing the Worship leaders and Christians of the present time. Intending
THE BIRTHDAY SYNDROME The term birthday syndrome surgery was coined by Mercer Rang to define the (now obsolete) practice of
VALENTINES DAY SPECIAL LOVERS FRACTURE The name "lover's fracture" is derived from the fact that a suitor may jump from

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