Medical Articles

Here we present few articles, based on the recent researches in medicine. Medicos most favorite or perplexed topics would be enlisted to our best knowledge with references to their origin…

Daily Dose: 42
Be happy because of the hope you have. Be patient when you have troubles. Pray all the time. Romans 12:12
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Medical Camp Yavatmal
New Mission on a New Beginning Mission Medical Camp conducted in Yavatmal district of Maharashtra in collaboration with the TOUCH
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96. Pitting Edema
  The most common sign which a physician is bound to elicit on any patient to complete physical examination. Pitting
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95. Strong March
  Pulwama attack, the most trending news we read about almost everyday since last month. Many have their own opinion
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94. MEDICAL STUDENT SYNDROME This is a type of phobia mounting in some Medical students. It begins especially in the phase
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93. Clergyman’s knee
93. Clergyman’s knee Clergyman’s knee is a medical terminology for infrapatellar bursitis which is nothing but inflammation of bursa below
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