Medical Articles

Here we present few articles, based on the recent researches in medicine. Medicos most favorite or perplexed topics would be enlisted to our best knowledge with references to their origin…

5. Ondine’s Curse
  ONDINE’S CURSE Strange but it’s true it’s a name given to a medical condition called Central Hypoventilation syndrome. The
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4. Rose Handlers Disease
  ROSE HANDLERS DISEASE There is this disease in medicine called Sporotrichosis also called Rose handlers disease. It’s basically due
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3. Rigidity
  RIGIDITY There is an autoimmune disorder that affects the brain and spinal Cord named as STIFF PERSON SYNDROME. It’s
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2. Cretin
Cretin Cretinism is a condition that arises due to deficiency of thyroid hormones. In this condition, the child becomes mentally
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1. Eagle Syndrome
Eagle Syndrome A patient presented with many non-specific complaints of pain during swallowing, ringing in his ears, Sore throat and
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