2. Restless Leg Syndrome

RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME It was earlier described by willis but it was ignored for a while. Later Ekbom a person came with a monograph of the same condition with several case studies. Then it was called as Willis Ekbom Disease. WHAT IS RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME? Assume Jimmy goes to bed, he was perfectly fine when […]

Virtual Sunday School – Week 5

VIRTUAL SUNDAY SCHOOL – WEEK 5 Our 5th week of Virtual Sunday School for all kids. An effort to teach them new songs and revive the stories from the Holy Bible. Story teller: Sis Soumya Singer: Sis Elizabeth Action: Sis Annal and Sis Soumya Music: Bro Ebenezer

Life after death part 2(tamil)

LIFE AFTER DEATH – PART 2 (TAMIL) A well researched and yet a debatable topic in the modern world is the LIFE AFTER DEATH, in this second part we have come up with an answer to some of the frequently asked queries regarding necromancy and witchcraft and what the Word of God has to say […]

Virtual Sunday School – Week 1

MISSION MARANATHA & DOCTORS DIARY PRESENTS VIRTUAL SUNDAY SCHOOL in Tamil. Our first video for the platform wherein we not only focus to keep kids engaged in songs and stories but also help them memorise the Verse from the Bible. Starring: Dr Melita Wesley Musician: Bro. Ebenezer