Letter to Worship Leaders

This section deals with a stack of conglomerate Letters written to the Modern-day or the trendy worship leaders who are trespassing God’s Word and devouring the essence of Praise and Worship.

It’s not a critic writing but a mind-opener to many…

                  Denouement Enclosing with few take-home agendas Worship is for the Creator:  It is to please the Creator and
Passion is what we do from our heart be it singing, dancing or penning you’re your thoughts. On the contrary,
Groupism and assemblage of like-minded people is a fundamental approach to every firm or organisation. It is paradoxical among Christian
Church, a place of worship, honour to the Living God where our heart finds peace and refuge, is where I
  Giving and learning to give is one of the Biblical principles followed since ages. But whom to give, and
Presenting hereby an apparent letter from the Author’s desk, addressing the Worship leaders and Christians of the present time. Intending

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