The Diary

The diary from a Doctor’s desk consists of a listicle, a compilation of captivating articles that are coherent with our daily lifestyle…So go ahead scrutinize and construe the diaries that are meant just for you…

108. Pediatrics to Geriatrics
In Medical field two departments that handles extremes of age are Paediatrics which handles babies and Geriatrics which handles the
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107. Airport Malaria
AIRPORT MALARIA“Airport” malaria refers to malaria caused by infected mosquitoes that are transported rapidly by aircraft from a malaria-endemic country
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106. Backstabbing Bacteria
BACKSTABBING BACTERIAScientists lately found a group bacterial cells that against their own colleagues.The selfish behaviour of these uncooperative bacteria could
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105. The Toss
We play toss in most of the sports and games sometimes to be decisive of who calls for head or
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104. The Perfect fit
With evolving modernisation, setting up new trends we love to try different attire. Many might poke their nose in our
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103. Cuttlefish
CUTTLEFISH The cuttlefish has taken the art of Camouflage to the next level that it can change its shape, color
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