The Diary

The diary from a Doctor’s desk consists of a listicle, a compilation of captivating articles that are coherent with our daily lifestyle…So go ahead scrutinize and construe the diaries that are meant just for you…

PULLING DOGS EARS In Radiology Dogs ear Sign refers to the accumulation of fluid in the pelvis or peritoneal spaces.
In 2014, during my internship in the emergency room, we were to resuscitate a 74yr old man who was brought
Everyone in this world would have questioned a believer or at least searched out of curiosity, when we talk about
Once upon a time, an old man spread rumors that his neighbor was a thief. As a result, the young
SINGAPORE EARS Singapore ears unlike the word states, doesn't refer to the ears of people who are living in Singapore,
Holi its a festival celebrated annually during the spring in most of the Indian provinces. The essential part is the


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