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9. Persistent Vegetative State
  PERSISTENT VEGETATIVE STATE It’s a condition in Neurology where a patient cannot recover any higher function due to insult
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8. Patent
  PATENT In medical terminology, the word patent means a vessel or a duct that is open and fails to
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7. Good Pasture Syndrome
  GOOD PASTURE SYNDROME It is a very fancy name with the word GOOD in it but obviously, it won’t
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6. Autoimmune
  Autoimmune Immunity is good for us. It protects us from invading microorganisms. When immune systems instead of attacking invading
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5. Ondine’s Curse
  ONDINE’S CURSE Strange but it’s true it’s a name given to a medical condition called Central Hypoventilation syndrome. The
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4. Rose Handlers Disease
  ROSE HANDLERS DISEASE There is this disease in medicine called Sporotrichosis also called Rose handlers disease. It’s basically due
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3. Rigidity
  RIGIDITY There is an autoimmune disorder that affects the brain and spinal Cord named as STIFF PERSON SYNDROME. It’s
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2. Cretin
Cretin Cretinism is a condition that arises due to deficiency of thyroid hormones. In this condition, the child becomes mentally
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1. Eagle Syndrome
Eagle Syndrome A patient presented with many non-specific complaints of pain during swallowing, ringing in his ears, Sore throat and
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