2. Restless Leg Syndrome

RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME It was earlier described by willis but it was ignored for a while. Later Ekbom a person came with a monograph of the same condition with several case studies. Then it was called as Willis Ekbom Disease. WHAT IS RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME? Assume Jimmy goes to bed, he was perfectly fine when […]

1. Homocysteine

HOMOCYSTEINE homocysteine is an amino acid  in the blood but higher levels of it can adversely affect us by various ways. Like Lp(A) Higher levels of homocysteine is directly associated with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular risk. In his masterclass research Dr.Mccully beautifully describes about it. WHAT IS HOMOCYSTEINE? -It is an Amino Acid formed as a result of […]

Food Actuators

An Actuator is a mechanical device for controlling a vehicle so is food the fuel for our living. If one could ponder over a motor vehicle and its mechanism, after turning on the engine it’s the ACCELERATOR and the BRAKE, in addition to this we have a REVERSE system installed for rectifications in our path. […]

Food Abstinence

Biblical dietary laws Eat whatever you like and drink whatever you want…. if this were a protocol, the morbidity and mortality rates would have spiked, lowering the efficiency of mankind and eventually bringing down life expectancy. Bible has a disciplinary lifestyle for Spiritual as well as Physical growth. In this section, we would be dealing […]

Introductory Note

Gluttony A few months back I happened to meet a patient who is a known diabetic and came seeking medical advice over his ailment and for a dietary control. I suggested him to exclude certain foodstuff and opined a best diabetic diet plan. After a satisfactory consultation, he had perhaps been to a social meet […]


For all foodies across the globe, to your amazement, you would find some fascinating facts beyond what a search engine can provide. Introductory Note Food Abstinence Foods Actuators Christian-vegan? Diabetic Diet Gestational bites Foodie babies