103. Cuttlefish

CUTTLEFISH The cuttlefish has taken the art of Camouflage to the next level that it can change its shape, color and texture to blend it with the background. This is due to the ink that they produce in their body. Many a times like a cuttlefish we end up loosing our uniqueness and blend our-self […]

102. Doggy Ears

PULLING DOGS EARS In Radiology Dogs ear Sign refers to the accumulation of fluid in the pelvis or peritoneal spaces. The supine radiograph of a full bladder represents the face of a dog with the hyperlucent extra peritoneal pad of fat similar to dog ears. Intrusion of an extra cellular fluid at an ectopic site […]

101. Lazarus syndrome (Easter Special)

In 2014, during my internship in the emergency room, we were to resuscitate a 74yr old man who was brought dead in Casualty of the Hospital. We had tried CPR and all possible measures and injected a shot of adrenaline. It all went on for a period of 7 minutes when finally the Casually Medical […]

100. A good Good Friday

Everyone in this world would have questioned a believer or at least searched out of curiosity, when we talk about Good Friday. The troublesome query is, what’s so good about Good Friday? A day where Jesus Christ was tortured, beaten, crucified and hung to die. I’ve faced this doubt more often from my friends. What’s […]

99. Juris-Prudence

Once upon a time, an old man spread rumors that his neighbor was a thief. As a result, the young man was arrested. Days later the young man was proven innocent. After being released, the man felt humiliated as he walked to his home. He sued the old man for wrongly Accusing him. In court, […]

98. Singapore Ears

SINGAPORE EARS Singapore ears unlike the word states, doesn’t refer to the ears of people who are living in Singapore, rather it’s a pathology of the outer ear commonly witnessed among the people living in Singapore. Our ears are one of the vital sensory organ to be pondered on. Our ear acts as a doorway […]

97. Holi Dermatitis

Holi its a festival celebrated annually during the spring in most of the Indian provinces. The essential part is the varied colors (Gulal) applied on each other which is considered as an act of love and equality. Earlier days this Gulal was nothing but an extract from Gulmohar and Indigo trees in India. Modernization has […]

96. Pitting Edema

  The most common sign which a physician is bound to elicit on any patient to complete physical examination. Pitting edema signifies an underlying pathology associated to either cardiac, pulmonary, hepatic or renal pathology. It’s elicited by applying pressure over the skin against a bony prominence to see a notable pit after 15 seconds. Pit […]

95. Strong March

  Pulwama attack, the most trending news we read about almost everyday since last month. Many have their own opinion and suggestions but has anyone fore-fronted with the idea of Fighting for the Nation risking their life of their own family just as the Army at the Line of Control does? At the end all […]