114. Gait Freeze

GAIT FREEZE Gait freeze is a phenomenon seen in Parkinsons disease when a patient suddenly stops walking and remains glued to the ground. This can occur spiritually in many of us, When all is well we walk with ease in Spiritual life. Even the smallest hurdle tends to freeze our steps of faith. Many have […]

113. Headline Stress Disorder

HEADLINE STRESS DISORDER Dr. Steven Stosny, a therapist coined the term “headline stress disorder” .“Being tuned in to the 24 hour news cycle may fuel a lot of negativity leading to anxiety, sadness and hopelessness,” says Dr. Jana Scrivani, a clinical psychologist. “Subjecting ourselves to an endless barrage of tragedies and trauma can foster a real sense of […]

112. Displacement

Displacement Have you ever had a really bad day at work and then returned home and let out your frustration on your family and friends? Then you have experienced the ego defence mechanism of displacement. How many times our children, or husband or wife or friends or sometimes innocent colleagues or a poor bystanders become a […]

Brother’s day Special

BROTHERS’ DAYIt’s Brothers’ day, some of us would have our very own sibling as either elder or younger brother, some who are the only kid in the family may have brothers from another mother. Brotherly love is indeed very beautiful. Jesus Christ himself designates us as His brother. There are many who long to have […]

Resurrection day Special

Taphophobia It is a phobia where a person has a fear of getting buried prematurely or while they are alive itself. When Robert Robinson died in Manchester in 1791. A movable glass pane was inserted in his coffin, and the mausoleum had a door for purposes of inspection by a watchman, who was to see […]


DOWN-to-Earth I came across this touching video on the internet where I found a young boy affected with Down syndrome came running to the man who acted as Jesus Christ for “way to the cross” street play, he saw the soldiers hitting him and the perceived the pain, the little boy thought it was for […]

108. Pediatrics to Geriatrics

In Medical field two departments that handles extremes of age are Paediatrics which handles babies and Geriatrics which handles the elderly. If you notice carefully about both of them you will find a lot of similarities. Both seeks attention, both needs help with eating to washing. Both needs constant medical care. In the end the […]

107. Airport Malaria

AIRPORT MALARIA“Airport” malaria refers to malaria caused by infected mosquitoes that are transported rapidly by aircraft from a malaria-endemic country to a non-endemic country” Many a Times like the malarial parasites the negative things from our past can get deep rooted within us and corrupt our present and future. It can be an addiction, hurt, […]

106. Backstabbing Bacteria

BACKSTABBING BACTERIAScientists lately found a group bacterial cells that against their own colleagues.The selfish behaviour of these uncooperative bacteria could be exploited to treat antibiotic-resistant infections Backstabbing can be really Painful. Most people who backstab us are the ones we trust. It could be a friend, family member, a colleague. In Word of God we […]